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My name is Shalimba Sasala, a passionate foodie, kitchen geek and a DIY enthusiast.  I love puzzles and books, I love to laugh and adore beautiful spaces.  I love chemistry…  I consider my home my own lab, my methods, my experiments.

I am a laboratory technologist by profession and I do the 8-5 hustle 5 days a week.  Also a hopeless introvert so I spend most of my time indoors.  On my free time I enjoy reading, trying out new recipes and creating stuff from other stuff 🙂

Credit for my cooking skills goes to my mother; she is literally a kitchen deity.  I combined this with our good friend Google and its Up! Up! and away for this lady right here. Then I am pretty sure I got my arts and crafts creativity from my father’s side.  I have some relatives who are legit artists.

With this blog, my hope is to show you, dear reader, that simplicity works.  Whether it is in meal preparation, interior décor or DIY crafts, simple equals tasty and simplicity is beautiful.

This platform will give ideas on tasty food recipes made from locally available ingredients.  Some DIY projects and ideas for home and self-décor (is that a thing? self-décor?) and easy weekly meal plans.
I am thrilled that you are here and looking forward to creating, sharing, inspiring and interacting.  Karibu sana.

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