Meal Plans

by Admin

It is important to have a balanced meal at least every time you sit down to eat.  The meals included in the plans are balanced, quick and easy to prepare, meaning that it is a plan that one can comfortably work with, despite our busy life and work schedules.

I did breakfast and dinner plans only for all the 3 weeks.  My thought is, cook enough for supper and lunch to save you the time and hustle the next day.

You will also, notice that I wrote day numbers instead of days of the week, this is to make it flexible.  Your day 1 can either be Saturday or Monday, whichever is comfortable with you. I will do my best to ensure there are recipes for all that I include in the meal plans in the RECIPE section.

NB: You can replace the tea with Cocoa, drinking chocolate, Coffee, Green tea or any hot beverage of choice.

Nuts include; peanuts, cashews, macadamia, hazel nuts

Fruits: pineapples, mango, apple, grapes, bananas, water melon, oranges, kiwi, berries, pears, plums etc., whichever is in season or available for you.

Greens: Spinach, cabbage, traditional veggies (amaranth, managu, saga etc.), pumpkin leaves, skuma wiki etc.

Now, go ye forth, shop, plan and cook away people…

Week 1

wdt_ID Day Breakfast Supper
1 1 Whole wheat bread, boiled egg and fruit juice Mashed potatoes, beef stew and green vegetables of choice
2 2 Mandazi, Tea, seasonal Fruit Ugali, green vegetables and eggs or omena
4 3 Toast, fried eggs, glass of milk and fruit Rice, chicken(either fried or stewed) steamed cabbages
5 4 Breakfast cereal mixed with yoghurt and fruits Spaghetti, minced meat and spinach
6 5 Toasted bread, Tea and peanuts Ugali, traditional vegetables and maziwa mala
7 6 Pancakes, Fruit Juice Rice, Coconut beans (or normal beans)
8 7 Breakfast cereal mixed with milk and fruit pieces Chapatti, green grams (or lentils)
Day Breakfast Supper

Week 2

wdt_ID Day Brekafast Supper
1 1 Porridge then fruit slices Beef Pilau, Kachumbari and banana
2 2 Sausages, Toast, black tea Chapati, lentil stew
3 3 Chapatti rolls (omelet rolled inside a chapatti), Fruit Juice Mshenye (mashed sweet potatoes with beans n soft maize), beef stew
4 4 Boiled sweet potatoes with white tea Brown ugali, Traditional vegetables
5 5 Cake slices, glass of milk, fruits White rice, goat curry stew, green peas
6 6 Sandwich, fruit juice Soft maize Githeri
7 7 Boiled cassavas, white tea, fruit Ugali, Fish, traditional vegetables
Day Brekafast Supper

Week 3

wdt_ID Day Breakfast Supper
1 1 Brown bread toasted, boiled egg, black tea Mukimo with liver
2 2 Smoothie with seasonal fruits (check recipes on drinks section) Ugali, fried pork, greens
3 3 White tea, boiled maize Matoke with peanut sauce
4 4 Yoghurt with fruits and nuts pieces inside Fried or baked potatoes/ potato wedges, mixed veggies (Carrots, Zucchinis, French beans, peas etc)
5 5 Tea, toast spread with avocado and nuts Spaghetti, meatballs
6 6 Smoothie with fruits and veggies Vegetable fried rice with sauce of choice or kachumbari
7 7 Fresh fruit juice, French toast Brown Ugali, spinach, wet fry mutton or goat meat
Day Breakfast Supper

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